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Vantrease Funeral Home offers the peace of mind of pre-arranging ones own funeral service. Many times, following a death, families are uncertain as to the specific wishes and desires that their loved one might have selected. 


To relieve their families of these difficult decisions & selections, many individuals are pre-arranging their own funeral services. A pre-arranged funeral service ensures that the specific requests, wishes, & selections that you make are properly recorded and made safely kept until your family needs this information.


While many individuals choose only to pre-arrange their services, others wish to pre-fund their selections as well. Pre-funding of a funeral service provides further peace of mind by allowing a service to be funded at today’s cost. Vantrease Funeral Home is licensed by the Office of the Comptroller of the State of Illinois to accept pre-paid burial funds. The funds are safely invested and are transferable from one funeral home to another, should a family relocate or desire such a change. Additionally, these funds are legally sheltered should a long-term health care situation arise. This process completely protects the invested funds from depletion and ensures that surviving family members will not have added expenses at the time of death.


We invite you to review and complete the following pre-arrangement form. Once you make your decisions, they will be kept part of your permanent record on file at Vantrease Funeral Home. This ensures that the products and services you have selected will be provided when the need arises. All your family will need to do is pick up the phone and your plans will be set into motion. That’s peace of mind for everyone.


Should you have further or specific questions regarding funeral pre-arrangement, we invite your inquiries.