Veterans Benefits



The Veterans Administration will pay a burial allowance of up to $1500.00 if the veteran’s death is service connected. Additionally, the cost of the transportation of a service disabled veteran to the National Cemetery (with available grave space) nearest the veteran’s home.The Veterans Administration will pay a $300.00 burial & funeral expense allowance for veterans, who, at the time of their death are receiving or entitled to receive pension or compensation. Eligibility is also established should the death occur in a Veterans Administration facility (medical center or nursing care facility, operated by or contracted by the V.A.). The cost of transportation from the facility of death to the location of interment is also reimbursed.The Veterans Administration will provide a $150.00 plot allowance (to qualified veterans) when interment occurs in a cemetery other than a National Cemetery.


Interment in National Cemeteries:

Qualifying veterans who desire interment in a National Cemetery are eligible to receive: a grave space, grave opening & closing & perpetual care. Headstones and their placement are provided. Additionally, many of the 114 National Cemeteries are now offering columbarium space of the inurnment of cremated remains or a specifically designated area for the interment of cremated remains. The spouse and minor child (ren) of an eligible veteran are also entitled to burial in a national cemetery. Grave spaces, however, cannot be reserved in advance. We will assist the family in arranging for interment in a National Cemetery if this is the wish of an eligible veteran or his/her family. Interments at the Mound City National Cemetery can only be made during the morning hours Monday – Friday. Weekend and/or holiday interments are usually not available.


Headstones / Markers:

The Veterans Administration provides headstone & markers for the unmarked graves of eligible veterans when interment is in a private cemetery. Styles of available markers include: flat bronze, flat granite, flat marble, upright marble & upright granite. Niche markers are also available for use in columbaria. Information provided on the headstone includes: the veteran’s name, date of birth, date of death, & branch of service. Additional information which may be inscribed includes: Rank or Grade, appropriate war service (e.g. World War II, Korean Conflict, etc.), certain special awards (e.g. Purple Heart, Silver Star, etc.), as well as an emblem reflective of the veteran’s faith. We assist in applying for a government headstone or marker on behalf of the family.


Burial Flags:

The Veterans Administration provides a 5×9 United States flag to drape or be displayed alongside the casket of a deceased eligible veteran. Following the service the flag is presented to the next-of-kin.


Military Graveside Rites:

Military graveside rites can be arranged, through local V.F.W. and/or American Legion Posts. Generally, these services consist of a Commander, Honor Guard, Firing Squad, bugler, & Chaplain. Full military rites are usually only available in circumstances of an active duty death. However, active duty military personnel can be arranged to provide a flag presentation service at the cemetery. Should you desire military graveside rites, we can arrange this detail for you.


Local Contact Information: 

Illinois Department of Veterans Affairs
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Telephone: 618-997-3309